Sunday, 28 February 2010

Chrissy Angliker

So i was procrastinating on the net (portfolio assessment tomorrow- tonnes of work to do) and these liccle gems fell on my screen... Now, anyone that knows me knows that dripping paint floats my boat, and so do tasty faces. Put those two together and i'm DONE. Who needs a man when you can look at pretty pictures... Mmmmm.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Painters Block!

Its true, whenever I get to a certain point of a painting I just don't know what to do! some poor excuse for an artist I am. *shame*
Here is a step-by-step process of a painting I did this Saturday, based on the Shrovetide football game The Bourne had last week... Photos skanked from my babe's camera (Smegs you legend!) and props to those beautiful sweaty players!


And another one, and another one..

Ok, i won't bore you with another R.E. lesson so take responsibility and GOOGLE SEARCH this baby! Kali- The Black one, she is like the darkest night that swallows everything. Went on a killing rampage and accidentally stomped on her hubby's head (oooops). Blood thirsty fun , i think you'll agree... Work. It.

Devi Girl

Continuing with the Desi theme, we come to the bad-ass mutha herself--- Durga. I was in India for the Durga Puja one year and fell in lurve with her! A goddess that was a result of the Hindu gods being unable to defeat a demon, standing around scratching their heads and this chick pops up to save the day (don't get a man to do a woman's job)... known as 'The Invincible' or 'The Unfathomable One', she is as beautiful as she is deadly.

... she ticks all the boxes!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Desi Girl

Slight lapse in posts lately, obviously because I'm hard at work! My project is STILL not finished (damn you distractions... yes facebook. I'm looking at YOU), so here are a few photos I've taken in preparation for my FINAL MAJOR PROJECT. Its a big deal, so it gets capitals... Feel the power.

"Sab tah soni n saadi Desi Girl!"

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Bold, Beautiful and BALD

I may claim to be non-lezzer, but lets face it... I can appreciate a hot female when I see one! In keeping with my new hair, these babes are fierce and bald.
Feast your eyes on these crackers...

Friday, 5 February 2010

It's like chocolate for the eyes...

Eric and Heather ChanShatz... F.I.E.R.C.E. found these at the Saatchi gallery, amongst a load of dreary crap. eye-poppers!
these works are screenprints on silk, with some bits of mirror and stainless steel cracked on there for good measure. to be fair- a computer screen doesnt really do them much justice- these peices were huge and the details were mind-boggling.BOGGLING TO THE MAX.
but look at the pretty colours... mmmmm.

I can't stop looking at...

Laurie Lipton's ilustrations. BEAUT. couldn't be arsed to upload loads of pics, so Google Image search her baby. these few are just ones that caught my eye and i think they relate to my current project (crowds of people). but i just love how dark her drawings are! intricate and beautiful, but fucking dark. peep the one thats got 'ghost of christmas future' fever etched all over it (if you dont understand, Google Image again my friend). creeeeeeep.


Soooo, my first Fine Art project is due in on thursday and i'm mid- panic... SO. MUCH. CRAP. TO. FINISH. And here i am, skiving on blogspot... ahh. But i thought i'd add some photos of my work in progress to get the balls (yes, BALLS) rolling and because i'm bored out of my mind of looking at the damn things... so you can for a while!

A Kid Named Kee

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