Monday, 30 May 2011

Mother Tongue

So in my most recent work I've strayed FURTHER from my preferred comfort zone and put together an audio piece. 

Language being the dominant form of communication and therefore connection, the fact that Hindi is a foreign language to me suggests a division between me and my heritage. I recorded the phonetic sounds of both English and Hindi soundsystems, in a similar format that would be found on educational CDs. I then synched up the timing (for no other reason than that it sounded hypnotic and creepy). This clash of sounds emphasises the simultaneous differences and similarities between the two languages. By designating each recording to their seperate speakers it means that I can introduce space into the piece, so that the listener hears the recordings coming from different directions. This clash is intended to induce a feeling of displacement and of being torn about which sounds to focus on.

WELL that's how I justified it to my tutors anyway!

It's meant to be in an installation setting, but for similar effects listen with headphones innit. And bask in the ethnic-identity-cultural-displacement vibezzzz.