Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Beauty is grotesque...

These images require a little more explaining, because they're drypoint prints.

So basically I carved the images into sheets of perspex (using a craft knife and other sharp, painful things), rubbed ink into the carved lines, slapped a bit o paper on top and heaved it through a roller press...
Many emotional days in the print room resulted in some good, bad and messy versions but eventually I cracked it and got some (near) perfect ones! Not easy, let me tell you- Ink. Gets. Everywhere. I almost cried every time i noticed a bloody mucky fingerprint ruining yet another attempt...
Dark times.

All these prints are slightly smaller than A4


A series of monoprints, taken from drawings :

(A4 size)

Saturday, 26 June 2010


A4 ink studies taken from my self-portrait photography:

Introduction to a Goddess

Initial experimentation with imagery and media:

Roughly A1 size:

A2 Studies:

'Maa Durga' Final Major Project

SO my FMP is finally finished, the last few weeks I've been collating the ode portfolio and putting up the exhibition...
Monday is result day, so to distract my mind I've been editing lots and lots of photos of my work.
And now I'm going to do lots and lots of blog posts to show you them!
Any queries about my work, or for information on how to purchase any then email me :

Amy McKee

All pieces on here ARE for sale!

Sunday, 20 June 2010


As part of Asbourne Arts Festival, local artists are having their work shown in Ashbourne Town Hall, for this week only...

My work is there, so GO SEE!

Friday, 18 June 2010


The babe known as Lady in Leopard (or Amy McKee, as most of you already know) has some work in a current exhibition!

My Foundation Year is finally over (not a moment too soon, may I add), and NULC has put on a crackin show for us. If you're in the area then peep my recent 'Maa Durga' project.

Full photos shall appear on here soon.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Travel Photos over FULL STOP how bout some zest to revive your senses? Zest covered in shiney black paint?
Do me a favour and full screen this baybay!
Indulge me.

Unklejam - What Am I Fighting For?

City Of Angels

We ventured onto the public bus system and inevitably got it wrong. The F.I.E.R.C.E. bus driver took us under her weave and gave us a free ride round the city, all we had to do was nod politely at everything she said, for fear of being dumped in the wrong part of town... So thank you Miss Thang, your zest stays with me till this day!
L.A. was full to the brim with kool kids just waiting to front their own clothing line/viral sensation.
Plus, I was in Graff Heaven... mmmmm. But that's a whole diifferent blog post!
This song reminds me of L.A.

BULA Fiji!

Fiji's weather was slightly disappointing, so most of my memories involve watching clouds and praying for them to shift... And eating A LOT.
However, we spent one dull afternoon watching some Fijian men take on the Brit boys at rugby. Ruddy cheeked 18yr olds against seriously hench islanders, ending in several bruised egos...
Fun to watch though.