Monday, 12 April 2010

Maa Durga (technicolour edition)

After photocopying the many, many drawings I made from my nakey photos, I attempted to whapp on a bit o' paint and a bit o' ink just to test the waters.

I seemed to end up with a multi-coloured carpet, stained hands/feet/face, a bedroom full of fumes...
and these.


A day mooching around on public transport and salivating over Chris Ofili canvases.
And taking photos inside toilet cubicles in Camberwell College of arts.
Yeah... AND WHAT??

Waiting for my interview, hanging out the window to escape the competitive staring going on in that waiting room. And to counteract the sudden hot flush that had caused my palms to sweat.
Not to do with nerves at all...
Ok, that one's just to make you feel jealous.

Confessions of a Socially Accepted Fine Artist...

Ahh, it has been a long time, and I feel I must explain:

Holidays came around and my social life beckoned.

Fun? Yes. Productive? ...

Naaaaaah. But worth it.

It does hurt my soul to be a struggling artiste, yet still crave the odd pint and some 'bantaaah!'. Honestly it does. So lets end this popular nonsense and crack on with the real stuff.

Beautiful image courtesy of Mister Loo-Kass himself